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Session 3
Late-night Vermin spotting, Book Reading, and a Funeral

Returned to Temple in Town, found infirmary full of insects and rats, only patient was the first mate.

Pulled first mate out into main room. Tried to wake up Sister Clara, but door locked and no response.

[Bard] and [Barbarian] looked at sarcophagus in crypt, old paladin with sword and shield.

After waiting for dawn to arrive, we saw that the insects and rats turned into patients in the infirmary – including the dead corpse Billy.

After talking to Sister Clara about this, went back to Inn to sleep for a few hours, then [Sorc] and [Barbarian] stayed in common area of Inn. [Sorc] combed over the Ritual Book found in the mines to figure out the spells being used. [The Bard] journeyed to Billy’s Funeral.

The spell was found, it involves casting a spell on a small insect and then giving it a target. Once the insect burrows into the target it lays a spell causing him/her to turn into a swarm. This swarm can then bite other humans causing them to turn into swarms after the next New Moon who can infect others, after that all infected turn every night from 3AM – DAWN.

A reversal spell was discovered between Sister Clara and [Sorc] which included an “arcane containment” ritual and a holy cure ritual to be cast at the same time. However, this would require an amulet assumed to be with the original caster – Gruul.

Session 2
Orcs, Fire, and Portal Stones - O My!

Clara set up teleport back to town. (Left with drunk miner back to town)

Found Orc Barracks/Sleeping quarters. Fought, killed orc and minions. Found various potions / oils in sleeping quarters along with a ritual book and a letter for ‘Gruul’.

Found old stone portal:: [Sorc] able to activate.

Visited following locations:

  1. desert boulder
  2. orc lord compound (killed orc caster and minion there – took bodies back to desert)
  3. back to mine cave

Noticed different locations gave a different “color” to portal. Took teleport circle back to town temple.

Ended back in temple in town, hear “skittering” outside

Party Theorized:
Orcs using portals to infiltrate mine, Gruul is being tasked to “transform” the villagers in town. Evidence of polymorphism rituals and other dark rituals in area.

Possible that “Gruul” the orc shaman is still at large.

Session 1
Into the Mine!


IN SANTA CORA:: told of issue with Rats/Mice/Locusts in southern town Goldedge from Order of the Rose. [Sorceror] + [Barbarian] tasked with going down and finding out the issue/source.

Meet Captain Taylor on the docks.
Once in the town Mayor West, Sister Clara contacts → town is Goldedge

IN TRANSIT: found ruined boat, [Bard] on board – joins up. First mate wounded, take to town.

IN GOLDEDGE: (Information and basic overview)

Miner Bob died finding new area, Funeral to be held midday tomorrow. Left pregnant widow.

Followed drunk miner into mine at night to avoid security details in day to reach boarded up zone.

Encountered a room with a palatable level of arcane energy where on the other side, we encountered 3 orcs.

Fought 3 orcs in the new mining area – Sister Clara joined us , Barbarian went unconscious twice.


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