On the Horizon

Session 1

Into the Mine!


IN SANTA CORA:: told of issue with Rats/Mice/Locusts in southern town Goldedge from Order of the Rose. [Sorceror] + [Barbarian] tasked with going down and finding out the issue/source.

Meet Captain Taylor on the docks.
Once in the town Mayor West, Sister Clara contacts → town is Goldedge

IN TRANSIT: found ruined boat, [Bard] on board – joins up. First mate wounded, take to town.

IN GOLDEDGE: (Information and basic overview)

Miner Bob died finding new area, Funeral to be held midday tomorrow. Left pregnant widow.

Followed drunk miner into mine at night to avoid security details in day to reach boarded up zone.

Encountered a room with a palatable level of arcane energy where on the other side, we encountered 3 orcs.

Fought 3 orcs in the new mining area – Sister Clara joined us , Barbarian went unconscious twice.



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